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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A Visit to the Monash HPV Team

Trying the bike for size

Piyath and the Monash HPV

Outside, checking out my trike and discussing HPVs in general, me in white shirt.

Monash HPV Team

For about 2 years now, I have been researching Human Powered Vehicles at Monash University, and, more or less in a parallel universe, the Monash HPV team (their Facebook page is here) have been patiently working away, trying to build and ride the fastest Human Powered Vehicle in the world.

Finally, last Tuesday I caught up with the team, and in typical fashion, I rode my trike there and arrived in good time to speak to Piyath and his team.

Streamliners are quite hard taskmasters.  There only purpose is to go fast and to do this, the rider is cocooned in an aerodynamic, possibly claustrophobic shell, and then the rider is meant to pedal their guts out.  Breaking records is one of the main goals of the streamliner team and its quite hard!  Team Monash is really just starting out and their next outing is at Easter under the auspices of OzHpv.  Good luck guys!

PS Team Aerovelo are the current HPV 200m record holders with a speed of 144kph, and amongst student teams, Team Delft are very highly considered.  Locally, Trisled do well, breaking some records and using their experience to help build roadgoing human powered vehicles and velomobiles.


Steve Nurse

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