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Friday, August 5, 2016

Peugeot DA40

A brochure image of the bike from

On the road: I had replaced the front tube at this stage but done no other work.  Still looks ok!

From the ebay ad: Separation mechanism

The sort of fashion I aspire to: other peugeot bikes, not D40E's but I had to put this in
This Bottom Bracket shot indicates the bike is 1971, refer here

Rim Detail


Since I got back from Adelaide, I have spent some time buying (on ebay) then picking up, then fixing a Peugeot separating bike, which I have worked out is a DA40E from about 1971.  It has a 2 speed kickback gear which is a delight to use and is initialled N for 1970.  I don't think I've seen a bike of this type before, but I've had other separating bikes before and still have this one albeit in slightly changed form.

The bike has uncommon tubes (20" with french valves) and when I got it the front tire was flat and not repairable.   I went to a few shops before finding the right tube.  Last night I fitted it. Today after running errands and visiting op shops, I cleaned the wheels and frame, regreased the front wheel, cleaned the chain, put leather belts on the hubs, and went for a ride.  I bought a lock for it as well.  The gears work well, and its fun riding this bike.

Low gear is 1:1 and good for hills, and high gear is 1:1.36 for flats and downhill.  The gears change every time you apply the rear brakes or even "touch" the rear brakes.  When you approach a stop sign or traffic light, you need to work out if you want to change gears and apply the front or back brake accordingly.  Definitely different.  Compared to my recumbent it is quite high, and its enjoyable riding by the river and getting a better view.

The bike is well designed and thought out.  You can take the wheels out and not disturb the muguards or rack mounts, and the rear rack is integral with the frame anyway.  See you out there on a pootle sometime.


Steve Nurse

Now if I had one of these I would die a happy man! Bolt-on DA22 exercise bike. Thing. Photo courtesy

Update, April 8, 2017

One of these bikes came up on ebay recently - in Spain, so a bit inaccessible to me, anyhow, I grabbed some photos off the ad.  Note the Dali-esque backdrop for the bike, Melbourne Fixie sellers take note!  Anyway the back brake on this one interests me.  To get the brake control across the split, there are levers on each side of the bike.  The 2 speed hub with back pedal brake seems like a much better option to me.

Since buying my DA40, I have installed a holder for a shopping basket.  I will report on this shortly. 

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