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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Electric Vehicle Day

Robert Waryszak (centre of photo in yellow) with a few electric bike mates.

1907 Electric Car with 2014 Tesla.

Two Sides of....

a radial Flux electric bike motor.....

and the guts of the thing and a battery pack.

Electric Beer trike.  Beer was not bad!

Alan Ball in a cap with an (the?) Electric Humber Vogue.  This was a very neat, impressive car and the electric conversion even more impressive.  Here is the blog about the car.

Matt in (non electric) rotovelo.  I rode with him for a short while on the way to the exhibition.

For a short ditance, I rode along Sydney Road with Mark who was....

on a Penny Farthing!  After a while, we stopped at a cafe and had a brief chat.  The Penny Farthing is from 1996 and well used.  This makes it look original. 

This afternoon I was out and around visiting an Electric vehicle show.  There were quite a few electric bikes amongst the cars and motor scooters and a few people I knew.  The electric Tesla car I saw was very swish!

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