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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Monoblade fork bike progress

Kids! You Just can't stop them.

Slow but steady progress on the new....

Monoblade Fork Bike reveals the purpose of the laser cut plate shown in this post.

Family Gathering at our House.

Its been a fairly quiet weekend here in Clifton Hill.  Fine yesterday (and typical of our mild Autumn ) and rainy most of today (1st day of Winter), and I spent a bit of time on a bike build.  Quite a bit of detailed work goes into making the parts, most of which are not ready made for the job but come from steel tube, large washers, bronze bush and steel rod from the shed.  Anyway hopefully something recognizable as a bike is starting to emerge.  This afternoon, Mum, Dad, my son Ewan and Christine's brothers and their families all came over for afternoon tea.  My nephew was quite keen on our rickshaw and did a few laps of the street.


Steve Nurse

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