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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Starting some new Bikes

Some of the parts I've gathered for an upcoming project: Front wheel drive disk forks from Raptobike, cluster through Pushy's, disc bake mech and calliper brakes from my shed, 140mm disc from the internet. Not shown is an aheadset (Pushy's) and an adjustable stem  (Raptobike)

A couple of 20" wheels I put together by replacing the axles with pedal axles.  This is for a delta trike with a set of Vi Vuong back wheels.

All sorts of stuff at the tip shop: this is a folding toilet.

Chook at the tip shop: "I like your other bike better than this one!"

Seat from the previous wooden bike on the frame for the delta trike.  The seat suits a 35mm wide frame, and my friend Ray routed the centre section of the 45 x 90 timber to suit.  Fee was "a nice bottle of red".

Here a few photos of some of my recent bike building activities.  Wooden bike mk2 is being disassembled now.  It has been a good learning project.  After building and riding it on the road for several hundred kilometres (Mk1 did only about 100k on the road) I've found out lots about wooden bikes, some of their weak points, and how they should be built.

As well as being a source of knowledge for future bikes, I will be using most of the parts from the mk2 with one frame already started in the shed and another (hopefully) underway at a timber routing contractors.

New bikes:

"Vicycle", Virtual Bicycle using some of Vi's ideas.
A tilting delta trike including the very clever rear wheelset design of Vi Vuong.  Vi has applied this design to a wide variety of Python (centre steering enabled by rider weight forces) human powered vehicles. My new machine will have a simpler, higher front end than Vi's creations and should ride and handle just like a recumbent bike. Locking the pivot of the rear wheelset should mean the machine becomes stable, giving it trike properties at low speed or when parked. The frame for the bike is exceptionally simple: others have made bikes where the frame is made from a piece of "2 x 4" but on this bike the frame is a piece of 2 x 4.  All experimental, I will see where it takes me.

Wooden bike mk3
A refinement of mk2 making extensive use of nc routing for and frame construction.  The routing will make most of the frame features (holes etc for forks, pedals, pivots etc.) as well as hollowing out the frame for light weight. I have pushed the boat out and bought lots of new parts for this bike.

All for now, here is a photo of Vicycle progress to date.

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