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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wendouree Cycle Classic 2013

A beer after the ride, 2 free beers with the ride entry!

Inside Mike Bear's Velomobile, Bike rims used to make the shape of the front cover which tilts forward

Mike Bear, Mike Robinson & Paul Riggs with a school velomobile & Mike Robinson's students

Douglas Tuck, Mike Bear , John Reynoldson, Ray Lelkes in Socked Long wheelbase bike

Paul Riggs' Mango and Mike Bear's homemade velomobiles

Lake Wendouree

At Reid's Guesthouse

Lake Wendouree at sunset

Reids Guesthouse

Ballarat Station from Reids

All sorts of vehicles.....

Self portrait next to lake Wendouree

 The Lake Wendouree cycle classic is held every year in February and I have been in it 4 or 5 times, riding a recumbent each time.  Its a charity ride for a Ballarat Cancer research institute, the ride fee is not expensive, the road is very flat and scenic, there is good coffee and food and a general carnival atmosphere about the ride and in short, there is not a lot that is disagreeable.

John Reynoldson started running the recumbent team a few years ago and when that lapsed, nobody took up the idea for a while.  But this year I jumped in and registered a team, "Steve's Slowpokes".  During last year OzHpv held a couple of race meetings in Geelong (see here and here) and it turned out that most of the Slowpokes had been at those meetings or were the friends or relatives of attendees (Mike B, Mike R, Paul R, Ross S., Pete S. Jon P.  .  Paul R provided bikes and trikes from his personal flotilla for those who didn't have recumbents.)  The rest of the group were old hands and had been at the Wendouree ride before (John R. , Ray L.) or I met through a Vichpv ride. (Douglas T.).  As for the ride itself, the recumbent team went very well and we were rarely if ever passed by other cyclists.  Wait till tomorrow when the results come in!

    Here is a post about a previous ride and there are several more photos, ride profiles and comments at this site.

Stop Press, results are in, Steve's Slowpokes 38 laps, next closest teams Flash'n'Dash and Golden Dragons 32 laps each. Full results and more photos here


Steve Nurse

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