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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Wooden Bike Mk2 Part1


As promised in Tuesday's blog  the nc routed timber for a couple of wooden bikes arrived yesterday.

(When I got home from work, Damian from TGC Building was at the front door, having a chat to my wife Christine.  His ute double parked in the street, I double parked my car in the street and joined in.  Damian lives in Nicholson St. very close by and sees me pootling around on the bike every now and then.  He's pleased to have had a small part in its making.  The  equivalent post from the last bike I made is here, you can compare and contrast)  

The wooden bits include the rear triangle and seat and this will be bolted on to a wooden frame made easy to build - not too much more than a plank of wood with some holes drilled in.  Anyway, will go on reporting progress.  Although there are still a few glitches, overall I'm happy.  The features shown in the sketch on this post came through fine, that is
* 2 types of cut outs to let the bits be put together with cable ties and
* the slots to hold the seat to the frame, a bit more aero than the current version

The rear triangle should be very aerodynamic and simple to build.  See how I go with strength - and flexibility - always possible to use fibreglass to reinforce.  Ok, more soon.

Actually very soon, an hour or so after this post was done I did an image search for furniture using "cable ties" and came up with some interesting results,

Here: Quite Neat
Here: Let it All hang out, I like it!
and from the same page, this! , art meets science meets human powered vehicle.  Ok, more next time, bye!

Seat held together with cable ties

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