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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Klapprad Culture not Dead

My Mazda 121 on return from Carrum Downs with 6 various folding and shopper Bikes
Just when I thought crappy folding (Klapprad) bike culture was dead, I used a Google Image Search on "Klapprad" to find this site which seeks to prove that folding bike culture is actually alive and that despite rumours to the contrary, Germans have a sense of humour. And a couple of clicks away is this site, dedicated to making a bike from an Ikea chair.

To keep my own personal exploration of folding bike culture going, on Sunday I bought 6 of them from "Darren's No Guts No Glory Auctions" through ebay.  Yesterday (Monday) I went down to pick them up.  I was somewhat unprepared but Darren helped me out and gave me a rope to tie down the boot on the frame of a Ricardo shopping bike, and somehow everything was jammed in. (Thanks Darren)  But wait!  When I got back in the car, one of the bikes was getting in the way of the gearstick so I had to do some rearrangements.  Eventually got on the way, no incidents on the way home.  An inventory revealed 2 Repcos, A Ricardo shopper, a slightly battered Dahon, a Toyosha and a Malvern Star shopper.  A similar, older post about buying bikes is here and a recent photo of the National bike I bought back then is here.

Fortunately we have misplaced the key to the side door so my wife Christine can't open it.  If we had a key, any attempt to open it would fail, there are lots of old bikes stacked up there.  Hopefully it is not all one-way traffic, I have this folding and this recumbent bike on ebay now.  So c'mon, help keep the love moving and bid!

All for now, Steve

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