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Monday, March 19, 2012

Administrivia and the Spacemaster Folding Bike

My son Ewan at Patrick's 21st.

Spacemaster Folding Bike atop a Meteorite.  No, its not really a Meteorite, just a rock posing as a piece of sculpture.  But Meteorite sounds better and fits in with Spacemaster better. 

Spacemaster Bike

Start of the "Northside Knowledge" ride

Peter Falconer and his solidly built touring bike
Christine (right) at rockwiz at the zoo.

First the Administrivia. When editing my website and attempting to change "Big at the Front" to "Monsterbike" to fit in with this blog page,  I stuffed things up monumentally and lost most of the pictures from my website.  Also made some of the text be highlighted in blue and other pretty colours, and lost my Paypal links.  Fortunately after some diligent editing, most things have been restored to normal, and my somewhat remedial website editing has improved slightly and things are almost restored to normal.

Meanwhile, the bike buying, building and events have continued.  On Tuesday I picked up a rare English "Viscount Spacemaster" folding bike which cost the princely sum of $51 on ebay.  On Saturday I went to the "Northside Knowledge" bicycle treasure  hunt riding the Spacemaster.  There I met an old friend from the Ceres bike shed, Peter Falconer.  Although I had another commitment later in the day, I managed to ride around, gather the answer to a few questions and phone them in to Pete later in the day.  "What is the name of the statue in Victoria Park on Trennery Crescent?, What are the symbols at the base of the rock shown in the above photo? , Who are always welcome at the boatshed near the Fairfield Ampitheatre?

Not sure if Pete's team won but I plan to be back next year, maybe reinforced by a group of eager recumbenteers!

Away from Cycling, my wife Christine and I visited "Rockwiz at the Zoo", we went out to dinner at Christine's brother's place and my son Ewan gave an exemplary speech at his mate Patrick's 21st birthday. Well done Ewan, Well done Patrick, Well done Christine. 

All for now, regards

Steve Nurse

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