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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Builing a new bike Part 2

So here we go with a few photos of the progress I've made on the bike.

* The parts for the suspension pivot were made, these are some pieces of M8 tapped brass rod housed in some 12.7 od * 1.6mm wall erw tube.
* After a bit of scrounging I find a seatpost from an old folding bike that I can use as the back part of the frame but its not quite long enough. I cut up another seatpost to extend the part, then assemble the whole lot in the frame. Then its all brazed together.
* A couple of sticks of 12.7 od *1mm wall chromolly tube are cut to length and flattened at the end, then drilled. A couple of furniture leg anchors are brazed in and we hava a pretty good start on the rear triangle.

All for now. Mini - v - brakes arriving soon, with them I'll be able to sort out the front end of the bike.

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