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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Game Over


After about six weeks of after hours work I'm close to finishing the cycling boardgame I started talking about in this post:

The game has taken a radical departure from the original (series of races) idea. Hopefully that departure is all for the better. The game is not quite finished but is still very playable. The unfinished bit is that the player pieces are not fully coloured in. (I have almost finished doing 1 and even that took a long time!) But you can do the colouring in. To date I have played the game with my wife, my son and with my friend Tony and his 2 young kids. The game cards are based very loosely on items I have purchased or events that have happened while riding a bike. Hope you enjoy it. Hope you can understand the rules!


Steve Nurse


Today I updated the game, all the players are fully colored in now and I did some minor changes to the "shopping cards".

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