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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Seat Repair

Time to fix the seat I think, so.....

from this pile of proto-seats and almost good enoughs, 

I grabbed some timber, cut it up and 

started on the seat repair surgery.

Here the dark brown replacement timber presses up against the broken seat and acts as a splint......

and this is the repair of the seat section, glued and screwed and drying while its held in place.

Hi, As I mentioned last time, one of my seat / tailbox combinations broke, possibly while carrying a bike frame in the back of it.  So last week I had a bit of time and put some effort into repairing the bike seat properly.  As the photos above show, I put some care and attention into it, selecting and cutting some strong plywood as a replacement strut and patching the split seat area from behind.  Went out for a ride on it today, its all good.

There is a vast difference between the seat on one of my Freds and the seat of a standard bike. Repairing the wooden seat of the bikes is enjoyable and a way of coming to "own" and become involved in the trike whereas damage to a standard bike seat as shown below is not repairable.  In most Western countries, the bike seat shown below would be discarded without recycling.

Standard Bike Seat


Steve Nurse

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