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Friday, March 23, 2018

Just didn't see you, mate!

Abbotsford Cycles logo from t-shirt on panelling

Both panels

Setting up to cut by draping the cloth over the corflute base.

Finished bike, leftt hand side with Abbotsford Cycle graphic. The panels are quite a good colour match for the 3d printed light mount and plug which are at each end of the frame. 

Right Hand Side.

Reflective armband which used to be part of the t-shirt sleeve was slipped over the corflute panel.  Here is the part which is inside the tailbox. 

Last step, sewing on the armbands


In the last week, I have been finishing off my repaired tailbox by making a set of sidepanels for it.  For several months I had some t-shirts earmarked for use as highly visible panels as I had never used either of them.  Both of them are bright orange and one of them is at least 20 years old (it has an old 7 digit # and all Melbourne #'s have been 8 digit since 1996) and from the old location of Abbotsford Cycles. (299 Johnson St is  only a k or so away from our house).  This was a high vis shirt with reflective tape on the arms from a bike market like this one.  Basically in making the panels I'm repeating this process but there were a few changes for these particular t-shirts. One corner of the panel had to be patched as the initial cut of the cloth didn't cover it, and I installed the reflective strips as rings at the front.  Later I sewed these rings.  All pretty good. Although my 2nd sewing attempt was better than my first, I can redo the corner patch a bit later as I have plenty of left over material. 

This bike aims to tackle drivers who yell at me "can't see you mate, get a flag" when its obvious that they have seen me in order to get upset and yell at me. It is (possibly) visible from outer space.


Steve Nurse

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