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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Rolling Thing

A few months ago, I pulled my son's Unicycle down off the storage rack because I thought that I could make something new out of it.  My son is married and has left home, and I asked him if I could destroy his unicycle, and he said ok...... I took apart the unicycle and removed the tyre and tube, then added 2 wheels from my initial "Vicycle" tilting trike.... 

And hey presto, this is the result.  It is a 2 wheel unicycle / rolling thing with the dummy middle wheel still in place.  You could sit on the seat, kick the top of the wheels with your feet and move along, or stand on the wheels and walk along while holding on to the seat.  Now it was easy to make but I am not a unicyclist or daredevil, so it just sat around unused for a while until.......

it got to a day or so before the ozhpv challenge in bendigo which I am organising.  Although keeping the "middle" wheel in the creation still made a rolling thing, it mostly limited its configuration to a "cranks opposite / 180 degrees" configuration, because otherwise the middle wheel would touch ground.  So I took out the middle wheel by undoing and removing the spokes, and ....

......this is the result.  Note that the cranks are at 90 degrees, and the machine does not bottom out, and this.....

is the same configuration machine with the wheels flipped to a high position.  The other position for the cranks is cranks next to each other. 
Hi, taking this new creation to the OzHpv Challenge in Bendigo this weekend to liven up the Come'n'Try event.  Peter, who I met a few weeks ago is competing with his unicycle, and hopefully a few other unicyclists will also rock up, so this should keep them amused or bemused or both.


Steve Nurse

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