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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Timber Leaning trike part 15

Mockup of trike and the actual trike with wooden panels
The same trike with fabric and coreflute sidepanels

This is how much the sidepanels weigh.  If you want to ride around with these timber sidepanels you have to suffer carrying an extra 1.25 kg around.

Last job before finishing, grinding the end off some screws which were sticking out of the timber panels.

A week or two ago, corflute was cut using the frame of the fabric sidecover as a template, and extra coreflute was cut to make clip holders.  Later the clip holders were cable tied to the coreflute.


My newest leaning timber trike is finished now.  It was just about finished a few weeks ago, but have been fairly busy and haven't got back to it.  But taday I had some time and finished off the quite heavy 4mm timber ply sidepanels and fitted and photographed them and the corflute panels on the bike.  The first photo shows my mockup of the bike from parts I had around the place, and next to it is   tadah! the real thing.  A few other vital statistics are weight: 18kg with cloth panels, and length 2400mm.  Not recommended if you don't want to be noticed!  Anyway, it has been fun building her and I hope she endures for many km.


Steve Nurse


  1. A great result Steve. How do you lock the rear wheels so they don't tilt when stopped?

  2. Short answer is: you don't, or you can't. In almost every respect except for the actual number of wheels this trike behaves like a bike. The whole reason for the 2 wheels at the back is that it makes the frame simpler. On other models I've made, the frame separates and because there are no control cables to the back this is not complicated. Thanks! Best Wishes
    Steve Nurse