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Monday, May 15, 2017

A trip to Aki's place

Aki on my leaning trike.

Aki's front window, full of cycling memorabelia.

Aki off and riding.

Black rabbit visiting Aki's, Aki's electric commuter bike.

Aki has one of the bikes Robert W. built, it's fun to ride, here is a short video.

Shortening the length from the pedals to the seat so Aki can ride it.  The seat slides along the main beam.

Trying Aki's Flevo.  I can't ride it, neither can Aki.

More familiar territory for me.  But the steering is very cramped for me in this photo, the seat and steerer are adjusted for Aki's size.

Black rabbit visiting, Aki's Worksong tandem.

A few Sundays ago, I visited my friend Aki's place, we swapped over bikes, and I had a semi-serious go at conquering riding his Flevo bike, and rode and helped him fix another of the bikes in his collection.  Aki owns a 9 year old white rabbit and a black rabbit comes regularly to visit from a few doors up.  Both are very tame.


Steve Nurse

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