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Sunday, May 1, 2016

New Steerer Part 5

Finished Trike

Inside the top part of the steerer, with the cap of the assembly at the top.  Its basically hollow but is reinforced at the ends where it will be drilled out later.  The slot at the right is for the brake and gear cables to come out.

In the city on the B-Spon Ride, Dale is mobbed by tourists from Vietnam,

on a windy, wet day.

Over the last week I have done a bit more work on the steerer of my trike, making a hollow top part for the steerer and fitting it on the trike.  The steerer was finished yesterday, and last night I hooked up the brake and gear cables.  Somewhat bravely, the first test for the new steerer was on a 30k ride.  I did some extra work on the steerer when I got home, locking up the join between the wooden parts.  I'll be riding it again tomorrow, see how it goes.


Steve Nurse

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