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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Robbie at Hawthorn Biketrack

Robbie @ Hawthorn bike track....
the trike always attracts attention.


After about a year of supervising my master's degree trike design work, my friend Robbie Napper came down to the Hawthorn bike track to actually try one out.  He got the hang of it fairly quickly on the grass, and after some fairly gung-ho riders had vacated the track proper did a few successful laps.

This was nominally a "supervision meeting", but who was supervising whom?  Anyway, I will let Robbie know about this post and maybe he can write some guest blogger material.

It was actually very lucky that these photos made it to the blogoshere or cyberspace or wherever we are.  I took the photos on Monday afternoon and accidentally left the camera at the bike track.  I missed it the next day and by Friday morning when I returned to Uni hadn't found it, so swung by the bike track, and lo, there was the camera under the tree where I'd left it 3 days earlier.  It had been rained and shined on but still worked fine.


Steve Nurse

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