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Monday, January 5, 2015

Buckley's Ride 2015

Graham Signiorini in repose at Little River.

Ian Knox's Hurricane.

At the Mordialloc Pit Stop.  The whole foreshore from Sorrento to Mordialloc was replete with busy camping areas and temporary summer amusement parks and rides.

Yesterday, I started off from home on my wooden bike at about 5am for a trip around Port Phillip Bay organised by Sarah Chaplin and Audax.  Start was at 6:10 am from the South Melbourne Football Ground,  and I was there in plenty of time to meet a few other recumbenteers, Ian Knox and Graham Signiorini.  The ride was about 210k, but I added about 10k each way to get to and from the start.

Headed off into the city with a big bunch led by Helen Lew Ton.  There was a bit of drizzle and this continued halfway to Geelong but nothing to worry about. (Audax riders eat nails for breakfast!) I was able to ride in a group all the way to Little River and Stephen Rowland's most excellent rest stop which included fruit cake and coffee. 

Graham and I checked out together and rode into the wind by ourselves all the way to the end of Corio.  A fast mob passed us there, I tried to keep up but couldn't, having used up a few too many weetbix riding (almost) outside of a big mob for 20k or more.  Graham (Superman) Signiorini continued on, he said he stayed ahead of the fast mob all the way to Queenscliffe.   Anyway, I plodded on and got to Queenscliffe at 11:50 which was in plenty of time to board the 12:00 ferry to Sorrento.  Bright sunshine by this stage, and the bay was newly washed and gorgeous to see.

The ride back from  Sorrento to Melboune was good, but I'd used up a bit too much energy to go fast or keep up with some of the bunches.  This was unfortunate, the wind and weather were perfect for riding. 

I had a couple of breaks along the way, and after Mordialloc was able to pass a few upright riders doing the Beach Road trek.  For self respect, they wanted to pass me, but I really wasn't concerned if they passed me, I had 190k or so in my legs already, chasing etc. was not required. 

At about 6pm I finished the ride, still with a bit of go in my legs, and able to ride the rest of the way home.  Also managed to get to the finish point without getting lost, a bit of a bonus considering I didn't have a speedo, gps, sat nav or other gizmos and didn't use the maps or directions.

Thanks to the organisers and volunteers, especially Sarah Chaplin and Stephen Rowlands and his family.

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