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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sturmey Archer S2C

Sturmey Archer S2C hub and 24" wheel (right).  Wheelbuilding by Abbotsford Cycles

A chair makes quite a good repair stand for a half-a-bike.

Finished bike complete with folding handlebars (folded or "time trial") position

.... and with handlebars unfolded.

This weekend I spent some time picking up a custom back bike wheel from Abbotsford Cycles and fitting it into my Victoria / Hercules folding bike.  The wheel includes a Sturmey - Archer S2C hub which is a modern eqivalent of the broken Duomatic hub originally on the bike.  As well, I've fitted a folding handlebar on the bike.  This came from the cat-lady via Stu.  I have yet to ride the bike much but it seems likely to be a reliable and fun machine.  As well as benefitting this bike, the new hub forms part of whatever type of Velocino I end up making.

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