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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Some Sunday Rides

A Raleigh 3 speed at the Swinburne Electric Bike Day

Projections onto the museum amidst a massive crowd at the free White Night Festival in Melbourne City

Electric Bike & Trike demo machines at Swinburne

Some electric skateboards at Swinboard.  The big board with suspension is a Baja Board

Sinclair Electric Velomobile at Swinburne.  This is a vintage machine circa 1984 obtained from the Canberra Cyle Museum.

Another iconic recumbent, a Wilson, in Richmond, Melbourne

Wilson bike in Richmond

Wilson bikes notice circa 2000 in the ozhpv magazine, Huff
Leaving for the 4k trip to the Epworth Hospital with a walking frame on board

Michael, Lisa, Izzy, Graham and Sruan on a B-Spon ride, near the Cow in a Tree

Testing a homemade electric trike on a St Kilda B-Spon ride.

Bikecentric living: bike in the loungeroom and carrying a large pro-hart print home from the op-shop.

Over the last few weeks I have been out and around on my bike quite a bit.  My wife Christine has been in hospital since January 4, and I've visited her in hospital almost every day.  Last week I managed to ride to work on 3 days and so I can cross off one of my bucket list items.  This was a "prospiracy" or set of events working in favour.  Tuesday I had to go to the dentist, (had to take the car, and Friday the car was being serviced (couldn't take the car).  So once I had ridden on Monday things sort of fell into a rythem and just ended up riding 3 days, 66k round trip each day.   On top of riding my bike to work, I'd normally add 8k's on the other weekdays by riding to the hospital to visit.

Anyway, during this time I managed to carry some reasonably bulky loads on the bike and these are shown in the photos.  There is a trick to this and it is called patience.
* Make sure you can carry the load before you head off.
* Don't carry any extra bulky stuff except for the big item you want to carry.
* Don't muck around on your trip, just get there at a conservative pace without unnecessary stops.

A few years ago I attempted to bring a glass framed picture home from the same op shop, but managed to break the glass along the way.  This experience (I got over it a long time ago) found its way the Cycling Board Game I devised.  This time I spotted the painting a week before I bought it but was in a hurry on that occasion and only bought it later when I had plenty of time and had checked it for size, that it would fit in my tailbox.

Peter Wilson was one of the early riders to join Ozhpv rides in Victoria and before too long he had rented a factory and was starting to make big, long wheelbase recumbents, cannabalising entire, new roadbikes in the process.  I don't think they ever sold that well but they had a bit of a following and you see one or two very occasionally.

The rest of the photos speak for themselves I think.  Happy Cycling!


Steve Nurse

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