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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Some Aims for 2014

Could not help taking this photo - my bike at work with the corflute and cable tie tailbox sitting happily next to its counterpart, the corflute and cable tie sign on some pallet racking.


Well judging from one of my last posts, which mentioned managing to do a couple of 2013 bucket list items, stating some aims for the year and then attempting to achieve them seems like quite a reasonable idea. It sets up the blog for the rest of the year and (sort of) explains some of the ludicrous bikes and things I am attempting to make and do.

"He robbed a bank"
"Yeah, but it was on his bucket list"
"Ok then, Cool!

So here we go, nothing too ambitious here.  This is the official list related to bikes etc..
* Make a Velocino . I have a separating bike that is hanging out to be converted,
* Complete 1000 Audax km in the Audax calendar year, over several rides.
* Engage with a university in some way on a bike related project.
* Ride to and from work 3 times during a working week.  

A slightly more ambitious goal is to complete an Audax 1200k ride.  This needs top level bike equipment (lighting, bike etc) and nutrition even to make it.  Unnofficial goal.  The hot weather we are having makes it hard to train.

Thats It!


Steve Nurse

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