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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Finishing the Hollow beam bike

Back of the bike with new tailbox, the white partition is storage for wallet, phone, glasses etc. and there is a mount for a water bottle as well.

Outside the Anglesea surf shop

These are some of the tools for making the tailbox, a VHS video makes a good simple square and a metal garden stake makes a good straight edge for marking out and scoring the corflute.
Bike almost finished.

Today I have been finishing my hollow beam bike by adding a tailbox.  This was started last night while watching Hercule Poirot dvd's on TV.  I've built about 10 of these tailboxes over the years and they've gradually been improving.

Soon after finishing the bike I went for a ride of 30k or so, the only problem seems to be that the brake cables are a bit too short.  When I pedal and steer, they hit my feet, and I can't bunch them up much tighter.  This is a fairly minor thing and I will fix it soon.  I'm enrolled for another "Round the bay in a day" 200k Audax ride on Saturday, (Thursday now) but there are more strong headwinds predicted.  Finishing the beam bike today lets me test it on Saturday, let's see how it goes. 

Meanwhile I am on holidays and have been surfing today with my friend and former neighbour Jamie Callister.  He is down from Queensland with his (slightly) surf crazed family and his son Nick and daughter Lucy will be surfing at Bell's Beach tomorrrow.  To be perfectly honest, I would be just as happy surfing on Saturday!

Ok, will update photos and blog after Saturday, if not before.


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