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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Vicycle Part 1

The Frame

Frame detail: For bottom bracket, a laser cut lug: other side is brazed on with clearance holes for m6.  This side is loose with tapped holes for m6.  M6 bolts thru.   For steerer, a steerer from a small folding bike press fitted into the wood and glued.  Big washer brazed on underneath to take most of the forces.
Stuart delivers the video
Almost finished!  This is the trike without the seat attached. In this position, the back wheels pendulum because one wheel is heavier than the other.
Christine and Stuart.  Hmmm.   Hmmm!  Hmmm?
Ready to roll out the front door.  The older wooden donor bike is in the background. The new bike got the seat, front wheel, tailbox, handlebars, steerer, front forks, chain, pedals, brakes and schlumpf drive from the old bike.  Part of the reason why it took only 2 weeks to build.
Sawed off part of the frame to make clearance for the front brake.  Try this on your BMC or Bianci.

Between last night and today I got my newest wooden Human Powered Vehicle going, which I've named the "Vicycle" after Vi Vuong's delta trike rear wheel setup shown here.  Could write a lot about it but will leave the pictures to do the talking.  Soon after I had done my first blocky on the machine my friend Stu from down the road agreed to take a video.  Here it is, showing most of an extended blocky.


Steve Nurse

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