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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Geelong Ozhpv Race Day

Left to Right are Alex, Christine in tent, (unknown) Cicely, Ryan, Ken, Graham, Simon,  Neil, Mike K, Steve (me)
Paul, Simon,  Mike, Neil.  Simon has been given the honorary job of marshall and team selector....

....and is revelling in the position.
Lineup for the 1 lap race: Kim, Paul, Mike K.,Neil, Graham, Damian, Steve

Mike K., Paul, William, Damian, Graham, Neil, Steve

Mike K., Mike B., Damian, Steve

Mike K with a winner's medal.  Everybody who entered got a medal.

Last Sunday, I helped run an ozHpv race day at the Geelong Criterium track. We had 8 competitors and a really wide range of vehicles turn up, 2 Velomobiles, several Cruzbikes, a FWD raptobike, my Monsterbike, a homemade trike by Mike Bear, a Rans Xstream, a challenge Hurricane.  So amongst that lot were every combination of long and short wheelbase / rear and front wheel drive bikes.  We were missing a Delta trike, maybe next time!

Ben Goodall from Trisled pedalled across from Dromana on his Rotovelo, Ken Houghton from Trisled came along to watch and let his son hoon around on a trike and Kim Tolhurst and Cruzbike provided the "Headquarters" tent.  All these photos by Kim, I was organising races and competing.....

The final race was exciting, 2 teams of 2 in a relay race.  We had 3 front wheel drive bikes and one (throwback!) rear wheel drive bike.  Bikes and riders were all fairly evenly matched in this race.  Its all on again in a week or so, see here

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