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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Making a new bike part 14

The back wheel disc - finally
We are close to the moment of truth now when I will be riding this bike on a long ride, the Melbourne "Round the Bay in a Day", and I am fiddling around with bits and pieces on the bike.  Firstly and most importantly, I bought a complete new front wheel from Bikes de Ver just down the road in Fairfield.  The original wheel was a bit buckled which meant the V-brakes had to be set quite wide and the brake levers were bottoming out.  Not a good situation.  Anyway, I spent an hour or so at the bike shop and in between other customers coming in, my front wheel cluster was removed and swapped onto a new wheel, a new Schwalbe Marathon tyre was fitted and the new wheel was put on the bike.  The gentlemen in the bike shop are very experienced bike riders and mechanics and were checking out my bike, telling me how they would have done things different, what brazing flux I should have used, and which bits of metal should have been cro-moly instead of mild steel but generally admiring the beast.  I left the old wheel with them for straightening and we had a bit of a chat.  They have a guy who paints bikes so when there is a break of a few weeks when I'm not using the bike, I'll take it up there for painting.
Rotating the handlebar extension to adjust the grip.
Still life of nasturshiums with recumbent bicycle.
On getting the bike home I muck around with the handlebars a bit, swapping the side that the extensions are on.  All for now.  Blogging as the mighty Cats (Geelong football club) demolish the Magpies in the grand final football.  Not really a football believer but half the conversations people have in Melbourne this week are about football, you are left out in the cold if you know nothing about it. Really all for now. Bye
Steve Nurse

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